Amiguía’s Mission: To educate immigrant youth about their rights, to enhance their well-being, and to engage them with their communities.

Amiguía Americana is a resource center containing different interactive, fun and easy-to-use resources specifically designed for or already tested and used to help Latino immigrant youth living in the United States. These tools can help these youth successfully adapt to various aspects of American culture, including navigating the American legal system.

Acculturation including immigration concerns can be complicated, especially for young ones. Educating and informing immigrant youth can have a huge impact on their lives, in their ability to get a job, go to college, or even remain in the United States. It’s for these reasons that Amguía’s founder and humanitarian designer, Lien Tran, started creating and collecting resources designed to be immigrant children-friendly.

We hope you find this site useful and that you’ll share with us your feedback and ideas on current as well as additional resources.


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Press & Testimonials

Monitor on Psychology
(March 2015)

“Two innovative parts of ICAN are the youths’ creation of a ‘book of life’ to help them reclaim different aspects of their identity and the ‘Toma el Paso’ board game, through which they learn about the legal system and the various obstacles and choices they will encounter as undocumented, unaccompanied children in the United States.”

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Lauren Gutman, 2012-2016 ICAN Project Coordinator

“As project coordinator of ICAN, I had the privilege of working closely with Professor Tran in 2015. We incorporated ‘Toma el Paso’ into our curriculum to support youth in developing knowledge of the complex immigration system. Youth were immediately drawn to the game, which was both educational and engaging. Further, Professor Tran worked directly with youth and volunteers to create additional games and meet the needs of the program. The ICAN curriculum was remarkably strengthened as a result of our collaboration with Amiguía Americana.”