About Immigration Nation game

Do you know how people become citizens of the United States? In Immigration Nation, you’ll help guide newcomers along their path to citizenship.

Play with:

  • Classic or Puzzle Mode
  • English language or Spanish language
  • Option to hear or mute English voiceover, music, and/or sound effects
  • Player support through the new Decision Compass

Learning Objectives

  • Identify eligibility requirements for legal U.S. residence
  • Use citizenship criteria to distinguish those who are already citizens from those who are not
  • Describe time requirements for legal residents to become eligible to apply for citizenship
Image from Immigration Nation game by iCivics showing an illustration of Lady Liberty, who has white hair and the crown on her head and holds a torch above her head with her right hand and in her left hand carries a tabula ansata plus fairy wings on her back, to the left of the middle overlaid on 2 game-related images. The left image is an illustration of a tug boat in the water with Lady Liberty and city buildings in the distance. The right image shows the game grid with buoy obstacles and player tug boats in process of navigating the waters to their correct port of entry. (Image credit: iCivics)

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