“What would you do?” (Que Harías) is a culturally competent party game that provides a means for immigrant youth to identify, discuss, and build their ability to cope with challenging and awkward situations. Organizers (teachers, staff, etc.) can make cards using the pre-existing content and play with these so that the youth can first get familiar with the game mechanics. Then, organizers can also guide youth in creating their own reaction cards in response to predefined situations and/or come up with their own scenarios. This game is similar to the popular game Apples to Apples (and it’s less family friendly, wildly popular cousin Cards Against Humanity) and is inspired by Tiltfactor’s Awkward Moment game.

Special thanks to Field Innovation Team and St. PJ’s Children’s Home in San Antonio, TX for providing the opportunity to engage with shelter staff and youth in this participatory project at St. PJ’s in 2015. Thank you to University of Miami’s School of Communication for providing funding to make this initiative possible.

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