What did [they] say?

Ever had trouble communicating with someone because of a language or even vocabulary barrier? The purpose of this game is to simulate what it is like to have indirect communication with someone and have to rely on communicating through a third party. For example, you may need communicate to someone using an interpreter because you don’t speak the same language or dialect or you use different terminology to refer to the same thing. For immigrant youth, this could include having to appear in court so that a judge can determine your immigration eligibility or status.

Activity type: Icebreaker, language practice

Number of players: 4 or more players and works best with 6-10 players. Bigger groups can be broken into smaller groups of 6 or more players.

Time length: 2 minutes to explain the rules. Play time can then be as short as 1 minute or for as long as you like.

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Example playthrough videos of the basic version and the modified ball version

Simulates the translator communication dynamic youth may need to rely upon in the courtroom.
For ESL players to practice answering basic English questions.
Develop empathy towards immigrant youth who have to conduct life changing matters in an unfamiliar language.